This course will enable anyone involved in managing people for work at height to implement a company’s Fall Protection Plan with the correct risk mitigation procedures.

  • Original certified copy of I.D. document/passport (driver’s license are not accepted).
  • Learners must have basic numeric literacy and be able to understand, read and write English (special needs candidates can be accommodated on request).
  • Copy of a valid NQF & IWH Fall Arrest & Basic Rescue US 229998 & US 229995 certificate.
  • *Recommended: HIRA certificate.

R 1 382.00 (Incl. VAT)

Minimum: 5
Maximum: 10

*Please communicate preferred group sizes to your relevant bookings personnel as some clients may require smaller groups. Please be aware that smaller group sizes may affect your course price.

Days: 1 (for 5 candidates)
Days: 2 (for 10 candidates)

Certificate is valid for 3 years.

Designation: Fall Protection Plan Implementer.

Theoretical Knowledge:

  1. The requirements to perform work at height.
  2. The planning process to prepare for work at height.
  3. The method of access to be used when working at height.
  4. Interpret Construction Regulation 10:
    4.1   Design a risk assessment for work done in a fall risk position.
    4.2   Implement a process for the evaluation of employee’s medical fitness necessary to work in a fall risk position.
    4.3   Implement a program for the evaluation of employee’s training requirements necessary to work in a fall risk position.
    4.4   Implement a procedure for addressing the inspection, testing and maintenance of fall protection equipment.
    4.5   Implement a rescue plan detailing the necessary procedure for an effective rescue of a person in a fall incident.
  5. Knowledge of the importance of the distribution of a Fall Protection Plan.
  6. Communication of a Fall Protection Plan.
  7. The procedures for the inspection, storage and care of equipment.
  8. The need to ensure correct record keeping.
  9. Implement fall risk control measures.
  10. The required documents to implement a Fall Protection Plan.

Embedded Knowledge:

  1. Work at height equipment and limitations.
  2. The content of fall protection plans, based on legislation governing work at height.
  3. Be able to identify and solve problems through critical and creative thinking.
  4. Be able to work effectively with others.
  1. The Fall Protection Plan is to comply with the a Act 85 of 1993, Construction Regulations 10, specifically 10(1)(b) and 10(1)(c) of 2014 involving work from a fall risk position and our service level agreement.
  2. The Fall Protection Plan Implementer has been assessed and found competent in all criteria set out above.
  3. Gravity Training can not be held responsible for any unsafe and/or unlawful acts or behaviour as it is the duty of the technician to ensure his/her own safety and the safety of others on the work site.