Store-man, Equipment Controller, work at height Technicians and Site Supervisors.


  • Copy of identification document/passport (driver’s licenses are not accepted).
  • Copy of a valid Fall Arrest and Basic Rescue US229998 & 229995 certificate (FABR certificate for international).
  • Learners must have basic numeric literacy and be able to understand, read and write English (special needs candidates can be accommodated on request).


R 1 465. 00 (VAT incl.)


Minimum: 8
Maximum: 10

*Please communicate preferred group sizes to the relevant bookings personnel as some clients may require smaller groups. Please be aware that smaller group sizes may affect your course price.


Days: 1


Climbing Equipment Inspector – Inspect and manage work at height equipment as per ISO 22846-1 & 2 standards and worldwide best practices.

Certificate is valid for 3 years.

Designation: Climbing Equipment Inspector.


Theoretical Knowledge:

  1. Introduction to work at height equipment inspections.
  2. Work at height definitions.
  3. Legislation regarding work at height equipment inspections.
  4. Perform industry best practice 3-monthly inspection.
  5. Identify limitations of work at height equipment.
  6. Implement inspection procedures and maintain work at height equipment.
  7. Identify equipment inspection hardware & software.
  8. Implement equipment control procedures.
  9. Correct storing and handling of work at height equipment.

Practical Skills:

  1. Correct care and inspection of work at height equipment.
  2. Correct function testing of work at height equipment.
  3. Correct inspections of hardware equipment.
  4. Correct inspections of software equipment.
  5. Equipment control procedures (includes inspection sheets and detailed descriptions of various Personal Protective Equipment used at height).
  6. Implement correct rejection procedures for work at height equipment.
  7. Implement correct purchasing procedures for work at height equipment.


  1. All training is done aligned with International best practices. He/She has also been trained aligned to the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 Construction Regulations 1.
  2. Any Climbing Equipment Inspectors must be appointed in writing and is responsible for the implementation, amendments and maintenance of a fall protection plan as per Occupational Health and Safety act 85 of 1993 Construction Regulation 10.2 (d).
  3. In addition, all work at height equipment must be inspected in accordance to ISO22846-1 & 2. Frequency of inspections shall be no more than 6 months.
  4. Gravity Training cannot be held responsible for any unsafe and unlawful acts or behaviour as it is the duty of the technician to ensure his/her own safety and the safety of others on the worksite.